Transportation System and the Improvement of Urban Vehicular Flow in the District of Huánuco-Perú 2022

Yessica Julia Verastegui, Doris Esenarro

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The objective of this research is to propose a public transport reorganization system that allows the improvement of urban vehicle flow. The lack of adequate transportation infrastructure and the existing disorder in the services provided by collective car, Microbus, Rural Public Transportation Van (Combi), Coaster, and mototaxis generate congestion in public transportation, especially during peak hours, resulting in environmental and noise pollution. The research was structured into four stages: data collection on the public and private transportation network, importing and creating the transportation network in the urban area of the Huánuco district, zoning and connectivity of the study area, and finally, creating the origin/destination (O/D) matrix for public transportation, supported by digital tools (ArcGIS 10.5, AutoCAD 2018, Excel 2017). To meet the demand of 135,343 passengers from South to North and 118,958 from North to South, the proposal includes establishing one main route and seven feeder routes, requiring 422 buses and road infrastructure, as depicted in the proposal This system will have exclusive lanes to operate the Mass Transit System, allowing it to accommodate 59% of users who prefer using public transportation. This proposal aims to offer an efficient and high-quality transportation system.

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