Technical Study of the Installation of a Watercress Nectar Processor to Reduce Anemia in Adults

Luis Alberto Manrique-Suarez, Nancy Alejandra Ochoa-Sotomayor, Héctor Gavino Salazar-Robles, Edward José Flores Masías

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Peru has a diversity of exotic fruits and plants with recognized yields for food and health protection. Nectars are highly consumed food products, made from fruits or vegetables. The objective for the present work was to carry out the technical study of the installation of a watercress nectar processor to reduce anemia in adults; identify the demand, technical requirements for the operation and profitability of the processing facilities. Methodology. The analytical-synthetic method was used; The population of the target market was analyzed, the size of the sample was determined with the coefficient of variation method, (n = 384), the instrument used was the survey; the technical, economic-financial study was carried out. The results were the growth in the demand for nectars of 59.82%, with respect to the economic-financial evaluation, it has been shown that the results are satisfactory for the installation of the plant, with the economic and financial IRR, both rates proving to be attractive. for the project. From the projected income statement for the 2021-2025 period, it can be deduced that for 2025 there was a net profit of S/316,971.39. Other indicators such as the economic and financial NPV, the B/C ratio and the PRI that were satisfactory for the Project, making its execution viable. The conclusion this study was the technical study for the installation of a nectar processing plant to reduce anemia in adults in Lima, which was viable in terms of operation and profitability, taking advantage of its healing and nutritional properties.

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PublicaciónManagement Systems in Production Engineering
EstadoPublicada - 1 mar. 2023
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