Pedagogy of Success: Perception in undergraduate and postgraduate students at a Peruvian university

Enaidy Reynosa Navarro, Silvia Ana Valverde-Zavaleta, Ray Harvey Mellin Rubio, Aurea Elizabeth Rafael Sánchez, Martha Gonzales Loli

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Background: The study's objective was to compare whether there are differences in the perception of undergraduate and postgraduate students about the pedagogy of success. Methods: This is non-experimental research with a comparative descriptive design, and a hypothetical deductive method was used. The perception of success pedagogy questionnaire was applied as a data collection technique with a sample of 50 university students with 23 items based on three dimensions: opportunity to learn (nine items), feedback (eight items), and consideration of the person (six items), with the following qualitative value scale, always = high, sometimes = middle, and never = low; the scale of quantitative value was from two to zero. To find the instrument's validity, it was subjected to expert judgment, calculating the content validity ratio for each item and considering the criteria of clarity and relevance. The instrument's reliability was determined using Cronbach's alpha, which found a high consistency between the items. For the questionnaire application, Google Forms was used to obtain fast, timely, and reliable answers. The data were processed through the SPSS V. 25. Results: The pedagogical support of the postgraduate teacher is more effective than that of the undergraduate. The undergraduate teacher stands out for listening and being more empathic. Didactics is crucial for students to develop their cognitive and human potential. Academic success is related to the teacher's pedagogical skills and the student's motivation. In addition, teachers and students can develop cognitive skills through effective communication and socialization. Finally, the affective dimension allows students to achieve personal and professional goals. Conclusions: There are significant differences in the perception of the pedagogy of success among undergraduate and postgraduate university students; therefore, the application of this methodology is more promoted towards postgraduate students than to their undergraduate peers.

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EstadoPublicada - 2021


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