Geological vulnerability of the fragile ecosystem case: Huancaro-district of Santiago micro-basin-cusco

Juan Carlos Ascue, Esenarro Vargas Doris, Ciro Rodriguez, Irene Tafur, Wilson Vázquez Cerdan

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The research was raised like an objective to determine the vulnerability that affects the urban sustained development marginal of the micro basin Huancaro, of the district of Santiago, province, and department of the Cusco. To determine the possible alternatives for solving the problems of the neediest and vulnerable sectors of the high Andean regions, such as the marginal human settlements that are precariously installed on the periphery of the urban area (20 human settlements in the last 25 years), in this case also threatened by intense hydrometeorological changes, The methodology proposed for the central objective was based on the creation of a base map and subsequent fieldwork that allowed the identification of the vulnerabilities of the study zone. The research data is collected on the incidence of geological phenomena in the inhabited areas of high mountains to determine their degree of vulnerability to these phenomena in a panorama of the global warming process. As a result, it allowed determining the degree of vulnerability of fragile ecosystems that affect the physical, biological and socioeconomic components of the Huancaro Micro-basin.

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PublicaciónJournal of Green Engineering
EstadoPublicada - 1 jun. 2020
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